In 1975, the heatsiphon company was formally established to produce a hot salon heat pump. So far, many new swimming pools in the United States are using hot salon heat pump, and the growth rate is still rising. Thermal salon heat pump technology is the choice of your swimming pool heating!

Company honor:
* a long history heat pump manufacturing plant in the United States
* many American swimming pools are using heat salon heat pumps.

Main products:
Swimming pool heat pump, swimming pool dehumidifier heat pump, indoor swimming pool three sets of constant temperature dehumidification heat pump.

Product advantages:
1, energy saving. Gesharon is an effective and economical swimming pool and hot spring heater. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the use of a 3.25 HP hot salon heat pump keeps the swimming pool at 29 degrees Celsius for 15 *30m and costs as little as $2.50 a day.

2, long service life. Over the years, the thermal salon has a long service life and depends on its corrosion resistance. Electrically isolated titanium heat exchangers, PVC cabinets, and stainless steel enclosures create a stable and durable heat pump that works year after year.

3, worry free after-sales service. In the swimming pool heating industry, the thermal salon is a powerful after sales guarantee. Lifetime heat exchanger warranty, replacement warranty for 5 years.

4, simple operation. Just press the button, hot salon heat pump can make your swimming pool temperature and your actual set temperature error of no more than 0.5 degrees Celsius, as long as the pool is a circulating filter, hot salon can keep warm, you can swim unlimited, regardless of day and night, rain and wind.

5, quiet. The low noise design of the hot salon makes it less noisy than your pump. Vacuum muffled plastic cabinets and rubber bushings are used to reduce compressor noise.

6, environmental protection. Instead of burning fuel in traditional heaters, hot salons use heat from the air to heat, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 36 to 46 percent.